Archive | July, 2015


Breaking up with negative friends is hard, but ultimately freeing. As I sit on a bench drinking my cold brewed coffee on Elizabeth Street in NYC- I got to thinking about the past few months. I made an effort to keep my heart in neutral and take things as they come- and in doing so, some beautiful souls have come my way- and some have floated away!

This is the awkward flip-side of choosing friends; you have to distance yourself from the people you don’t want in your life. I don’t like to hurt feelings. For years I felt obligated to people who wanted to be my friend, even if they were really negative, needy, and not the kind of person I wanted to be around. You don’t need to be rude, but you also don’t have to exchange numbers with someone you didn’t hit it off with, or set up a second hang. If it’s not beautiful, get it out of your life!