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My top 5: romantic films (right now)


This was definitely my hardest ‘top 5’ list so far. I mean, how could I choose just 5 romantic films when I love about 100? Well, somehow I managed to (though it took a while). Also, you may be surprised to see that I ended up leaving out classics like: Pretty Women, Casablanca, Titanic, When Harry Met Sally and Love Actually. Not to say that I don’t love all those films, but for this list I decided to rather go with films that I was more inclined to watch right now.

1.  The Holiday –  Two women swap homes for a holiday and both end up finding love. Such a very sweet film and the cast is perfect (if you have not seen it, go watch it)
2. Romeo + Juliet (directed by Baz Luhrmann) – There have been quite a few film adaptations of Shakespeare’s book over the years, but this is by far my favourite. Plus, it has a really great soundtrack.
3. The Notebook – It’s damn near impossible to watch this film without getting teary-eyed. It’s ridiculously romantic and beautiful.
4. Before Sunset – This is the sequel to the film ‘Before Sunrise’, which is also brilliant. I love the dialogue in both films. If you have not seen this film yet,  I would recommend that you watch the first one before this one.
5. Serendipity – A really great romantic-comedy that tells the story of two people who meet by chance in New York one night and fate brings them back together years later.

What are your top 5 romantic films? 


This thing called LOVE

This thing called LOVE – by Jenna McManus

A few things have happen this past month that have made me look at love in a new light. I don’t know if you could say I have the authority to really be talking about this topic, as I, myself have never actually been in love. But who’s to say I’m not just as qualified as someone who has? I’m working on learning how to love myself day by day, and my life too. But what I’ve started to notice about love of late is from things I have seen and witnessed; words I have heard spoken, and thoughts I have listened too. Which got me thinking about this…

“there are too many mediocre things in life, and mediocre love shouldn’t be one of them”

It got me thinking about how we as humans tend to settle for things far too ordinary. We accept that what will be will be, too often. We just suck it up and get on with it instead of fighting for something far more extraordinary. Is it because it all seems too hard now? Its out of reach, unattainable?  The “I can’t be bother” mentality washes over our pretty rose colored glasses and the possible opportunity for the fuck you could have gave is now gone. You’ve settled and for some reason you’re ok with it.

I see this far too often. Is it that we just grin and bare it? You couldn’t be f’ed working on the extra 10% that could make your relationship with life and love all the more extraordinary.

The mediocre things in life are the cards that came in the deck of grownup-hood: wake up to a daily routine, the same smell of coffee and those nine to five hours we dread (more like eight to six). We accept it as “life”. All those thoughts you had as a starry-eyed teenager, trying to figure out what exact extraordinary things you wanted to achieve now seem like a distant memory. It wasn’t so long ago you felt this radical change come over you. High school was out and it was as if something much bigger than you was on the horizon; this life full of adventure, new experiences and carving out this dream you so badly wanted to make a reality.

And then it came. The settling into life, and all what may now seem like naivety has washed away

But it doesn’t need to be like this.

If we can accept that life will throw some cliched mediocre things our way, we can still fight for the one thing that doesn’t have to be mediocre. LOVE.

Love is the one thing that comes in an abundance of forms. You can love your job, you can love your partner and you most certainly can (and should) love yourself. The energy you put into this lovable life can be that life changing thing you need to cut yourself from the rat race and go on to living an extraordinary life, with an extraordinary relationship with LOVE.

You see, theres no need to settle, not yet.

Because unless its mad, passionate, crazy love, then you my friend better start working on finding that extra 10% to be even more great than you are right now.


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10 things I learnt from my Mama

1. Never show up to a dinner/party/thing without something in your hands
2. Leaving clothes wet in the washing machine will make the colours run
3. Always overdress, rather than underdress, for a job interview
4. You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar
5. Woody Allen makes weird films
6. If you condense all of your shopping purchases into one bag, it softens the blow on your husband
7. If you’ve married a good man, he won’t mind how many shopping bags you come home with
8. Plain flour can’t be substituted with self-raising flour
9. “Don’t marry for money, but don’t be silly enough to fall for someone without any”
10. You can’t make new old friends

What have you learnt from your mama?