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Lavender is a protector, evil hates it. When you feel emotional or overwhelmed, go to silence and put lavender in your bath water or on your bed. When you get out, put a few lavender drops in a towel and rub yourself down with it. Your skin radiates the flower essence and the negative feelings back off. You become more free, less attacked.



Being married is the greatest gift that Ive been given. In all of my wildest dreams, I never imagined that I would be lucky enough to have this kind of love in my life. We both understand that we live a privileged life- living with a double income we always have (organic) food in our fridge, a warm bed, expensive uggs and a roof in a trendy neighbourhood. Lately I have found myself pulling back from social media, deleting/ unfollowing ‘friends’ who I dont know or see on a regular basis. It’s too much information to be flooded with, every minute of the day and I can help but sometimes compare myself to beautiful strangers, walking a different path than me. People comment on how wonderful our lives look through the fancy instagram filters- but let me tell you that behind every picture is a woman aching to become a mum, a friend who feels a little lonely at times and a wife who feels guilty for letting the housework slip or when she snaps at her husband after a full day of work.

I would never want people to compare or think that our life is a bed of roses. I have a husband who farts too much and he has a wife who nags a little too often. We ride the waves of life like everyone, making the most of everyday… xo

People who deal in levels of false expectation often find it difficult to work in a high degree of cooperation. When you enter into an expectation that someone will behave a certain way or a situation will turn out a certain way or you will get a certain result from your action- and that expectation turns out to be false- you often find yourself expressing disappointment  unhappiness, despair or depression… depending on your emotional investment in the outcome. Expectation is a good area to stay away from. When you just let other be and cooperate with what is, you find your life flowing along much more smoothly. 

*please note that I sometimes still buy into expectations and float between the idea that I only expect what I am willing to give. Life’s a journey I guess 


10 things I learnt this week

  1. Men need the short version, every time. 
  2. Eating healthy when Im sick is really hard
  3. ‘Mean Girls’ is a really good movie, and yes I am a little embarrassed to admit that
  4. You will reach a certain age when crap friends need to be left behind, I have reached that age
  5.  Josh and I fight differently, not bad, just different
  6. You cant make new old friends
  7. When blending pumpkin soup, its important to not be wearing white
  8. To be able to be completely yourself with someone is pretty rare and very awesome
  9. I have coughed in Josh’s mouth, mid kiss, twice this week… AND he still loves me
  10. This is so true: “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”-Anaïs Nin