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The difference between Men and Women

…The Scenario  – Going to have coffee down at Bulimba. 

Britt- Has a shower, does hair and makeup (well, tinted moisturiser), gets dressed and brushes teeth. All ready to go.

Josh- Still in underwear, stills down and twitters on his phone. Checks something for afternoon wedding. Checks something on computer. Goes to the toilet. 




Here is our new office. It was our dumping room for way too long… so off to Ikea we went!!!

(I wont bother showing you Josh’s side as its filled with boring stuff, like filing cabinets….ick!!)


Josh and I drove to Bangalow, NSW today. He had a wedding and I went along with the promise of a lunch date beforehand.

The one thing about marriage that has really surprised me is that, I live, sleep and eat with him… and still I crave more time. A long conversation is too short and a coffee date before work is almost a daily event. It’s nice.

(Unless I’m due for my period, hungry, tired…. or, heaven forbid, all three)