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Ladies, lets try not to judge others until we have walked around with the blisters that other’s shoes have given us on the road they’ve chosen to walk.

Life’s a bit of bitch at times…. and we have all, at some point or another, bought really cheap tacky shoes that dont pinch until we walk out of the store and get them home.




Pearls of Jenna Wisdom

I just found a beautiful piece of wedding advice that was given to me in a letter to read the morning of my wedding by my lovely friend Jenna! Jenna and I have been friends since Uni and somehow have manage to move to the same city, 10 mins away from each other… this is my favourite part of the letter….


“Good luck today. Good luck for tomorrow. Add a touch of Britt into everything you do because remember, it’s still ok to be Britt Snow every once in a while. And if you’re having a not so good day, pull out sex and he city, throw on your pj’s and everything will be alright”


Aren’t pearls of wisdom from those who know us well just the best! Her advice is true and wise. I think about it now that Im married, it’s important to make sure that, although Im always growing, that im always the woman who Josh married. And even further, it’s important to put a Britt and Josh mark on everything we do in life. There always seems to be a lot of competition around… I want to focus inwards instead of whats going on in the lives around us. Things have a way of working themselves out as they should… and I fully believe that the  best road in life, is the one we forge for ourselves! Happy  Hump Day! x



My vows to Josh

I have always wanted to write my own vows, as confronting as that is, I like the idea that the words I say would be tailored to our personal relationship!

Here are my vows to Josh:

I couldn’t be happier. I am delighted to be marring you today and vowing to love you forever.“5 years ago, after you asked me to dinner and you split the bill, we became just friends and you became known as Spilt the Bill Josh. And today, as if someone has pressed fast forward on our lives, we stand here pledging our futures to each other.

  • I want nothing more than to be a wonderful wife to you, to be loyal and someone you trust and confide in. 
  • I promise to always be there for you, to take care of you, to be your lover and best friend.
  •  I promise to match every chick flick with a guy movie, every superfood with a bad carb and every tear with laughter. 
  • When we create a family, I vow to be the best mum I can be. 
  •  I promise to trust you, to appreciate you and to honour you at all costs.

If you promise to share this life with me, then I promise to make it as exciting and happy, spontaneous and passionate as it can be, taking ever breath I have to strive for your happiness. And you and I know better than anyone that there will be all sorts of valleys and roadblocks during that journey, but I promise to never quit, and to love you more and more in those moments.

I, Brittany, give you this ring as a promise and symbol of my heart and faithfulness, my love and commitment to you. When I am angry, I will seek to be kind, when we speak I will be truthful and each day of my life, I will be faithful to you.”


I keep these words around so I can read over them from time to time, although at times I fail, it’s my lifes mission to uphold these words! x


10 things I’ve learnt in the first month of Marriage

  1. You can pop into Cole’s for washing liquid… Spend $83.75 and not have any washing liquid.
  2. There’s a difference between being together and spending quality time together.
  3. Sometimes you have to pick up the slack.
  4.  It’s not always what you say, but how you say it… And the attitude you have.
  5. Sometimes I get tired, and cranky and not-very-nice to be around, and Im loved anyway. Grace makes up for a lot.
  6. Men fart, a lot.
  7. Engagements, weddings, holidays and babies- it’s easy to get caught up looking around at what others are doing. It’s important that as a couple, we run our OWN race. Navigating our lives on what right for us at the time.
  8. A kind word gets you a long way.
  9. Men have emotions just like women, they just have big shoulders and like boobs.
  10. You have a lifetime to get marriage right. It’s one of the few things in life that isn’t meant to end, which means it must take a while to get right.



Me: “Hi Mum, you cant come up to the apartment because Ive been up all night working and the place is messy”

Mum: ” Oh yes I am. You know I dont care about that. I want a coffee”


We all need our mums! Mine is extra special.