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Dream Job?

*ring ring*

Me- ‘Goodmorning, blah blah blah, youre speaking with Britt’

Patient ‘Can I speak with my Dr’

Me ‘Shes in with patients, can I help you’

Patient ‘Well yes, Im 33 weeks pregnant and I want to use this cream, but the instructions say not to use while pregnant. I just want to know if I can use it’


Me ‘Well, if youre pregnant, and the bottle says not to use it while youre pregnant, it’s probably not recommended. Can I suggest to wait another 7 weeks. ‘



10 things I learnt from Sex and the City.

Recently, I started to reminisce about the girls way back when — before the motion pictures. Sure, the show is touted for its relationship expertise, and obviously its amazing fashion, but while re-watching the girls in action, I realised each of these bright women has a lot to share in the way of career and life experiences. Sure they’ve made mistakes, but there’s a lesson to be learned from the successes — and dilemmas — we’ve seen played out by our favorite foursome.

  1. It takes half the time you dated someone to get over them.
  2. Ugly sex is hot.
  3. We always seem to be searching for the right man, the right job or the right place to live.
  4. Seeing each other less = Missing each other  more.
  5. Having it all really means having someone to share it with.
  6. One woman’s Titanic is another woman’s Love Boat.
  7. You never know what’s around the corner.
  8. In the light of day, everything seems different.
  9. There is never any need to enter Hookerville.
  10. If youre body is literally rejected the idea of something, ie: Marriage, listen to it.
  11. You cant be friends with an Ex.
  12. Most of us are one date away from bitter.
  13. Relationships take work, but there is that perfect someone out there.
  14. Back-up Back-up Back-up.
  15. New York is the best city in the world.
  16. Women talk about everything.
  17. Our partners cannot be our everything.
  18. Its important to breathe and reboot.
  19. True friends are few and far between.
  20. In everything, remain true to yourself.