Archive | April, 2011

One thing…

I haven’t done in awhile is go a day without makeup. Admittedly, I feel that I look like I’m suffering from a terminally ill disease without a little help from my good friends mascara and bronzer… but its nice to remember what beauty is all about.

Ive been away from the blogging world for awhile… Maybe its being in love or maybe its the sucky circumstances that invade certain periods of life that make the creative juices dry up. Anyway, I am back.

I have made some life decisions, well maybe just one, but I know that it will effect the number of choices that I have in the future. I am going back to study, I want to become a Visual Merchandiser (I don’t know if those two words technically need capital letters, but I feel that they are warranted) I want to have a career that brings in the (turkey) bacon, yes, but beyond that I want a career where I can be creative and look at things through that lens. I am rather excited.

We only get one life and we are the ones who get to write our own ticket in it. xx