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Dad: “Britt, that was a stop sign you just ran”
Me: “Yeah, I slowed down”
Dad: “Yes, but that was a stop sign. That means you should stop”
Me: “I did stop. I stopped accelerating. The sign doesn’t say what you need to stop doing”
Dad: “Driver of the Year”


i’m not a huge fan of of independent type films where the characters try to be deeper than the level of writing allows. i find them to be pretty predictable. and at the end all i can think of to say is. WASN’T THAT FUN. evil of me i know. but when i saw the romantics photoshoot with j.crew . i thought. if it’s good enough for the crew. then it’s good enough for me. so i watched the trailer. and for the first time i meant it. when i said. WASN’T THAT FUN. it’s nice to see katie holmes looking happy and normal. instead of like a frumpy bipolar bag lady. and josh duhamel?! be still my heart.


Lookie lookie at what I bought on Etsy today! I really really need to give up online shopping, but what the heck! How cute are these for the toilet door!!!! Paul and I (well, mostly myself) have been buying furniture and ‘homey’ things for when we move in together. I could go nuts!! I can’t wait for the season to come!!

10 things I leant this week!

1. Its a good idea to stock up on cheap, cotton t-shirts from Woolworths
2. The film Salt was not as good as I expected it to be and Angelina looked way too stick-like in it ( i prefer her figure in Tomb Raider)
3. I think it’s sad that Labor is in Government again. Australia seems to have a short memory
4. If you type a maths sum (example 25 x 4) in the Google search box, Google will calculate the answer for you when you click “search” (handy, huh)
5. Sometimes its good to go workout even when you dont feel like it
6. I am very attracted to red coloured clothing right now
7. Reading Eat, Pray, Love really makes you want to do some serious travelling
8. Some women look so adorable when they are pregnant
9. My willpower is so much stronger than it used to be

10. Its important to practice patience (& just let things happen in their own time)