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My Dad!

My dad explaining diabetes to me.

Dad-“Insulin which comes from the Latin word Insula, meaning; small island; named from the fact that insulin is secreted in the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas. You know, you should really learn Latin.”

Britt “Why, it’s a dead language.”

Dad “Because it’s the language that all languages are built upon, it’s important to know the origins of the works you speak.”

Britt “I think in this day and age, you should just be happy that I know what the word is and can say it without dribbling.”

Dad “Good point”


Ive had a truly great week. The boyf surprised me with a weekend at the lovely Watermark Hotel to celebrate our 9mths of love. We ate our favourite restaurants, sipped cocktails at the Q1 and just enjoyed each others company.
One Sunday, it was my Mum’s 51st birthday, and Paul and I drove up to my wonderful friend Tracey to pick up the elephant for the top of Mum’s cake {Please see pictures} Paul and I cooked dinner and bake the cake from scratch {I scratched open the box and baked} Then after we were all full, we sat around and played cards.

It was a lovely weekend filled with love and laughter.