Archive | July, 2009

Today you turn seven! Can you believe it? We have known each other for seven years now! Although you are reading this years from now, I will continue all the same.

I remember the day you were born. A very chilly July day, running around with Nanna and Aunty Lin buying presents for you and Mum! Perfume and pink fluffy things, teddy bears with checked dresses and booties that were miles too big. You looked so tiny next to our huge hands, like at any moment you would break into pieces. However, born with a set of lungs that would only prove that you knew what you wanted and only to happy to tell us. You were, still are, smiley and sociable. Stubborn and bossy. Aware, sensitive and delicate. I love that sometimes when I am talking to you, I am not sure if you are seven or seventeen.

But most importantly, even if you dont see this until you are seventeen..know that even at seven years old, you were an amazing girl. Never lose that {sparkle} in your eye or that {sass} in your step.
I love you more than youll know and am so proud to be your ‘Aunt’