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The Place I Am

You cannot kill me here. Bring your soldiers, your death, your disease, your collapsed economy because it doesn’t matter, I have nothing left to lose and you cannot kill me here. Bring the tears of orphans and the wails of a mother’s loss and damn air force. bring your hate and bitterness and long working hours, bring your empty wallets and love long since gone but you cannot kill me here. Bring your sneers, your snide remarks and friendships never felt, your letters never sent, your kisses never kissed, cigarettes smoked to the bone and cancer killing fears but you cannot kill me here. For I may fall and I may fail but I will stand again each time and you will find no satisfaction. Because you cannot kill me here.

“the sweetest thing
i’ve ever known
was like the kiss
on the collarbone
soft caress of happiness
the way you walk
you’re style of dress
i wish i didn’t get so weak
oh baby, just to
hear you speak
makes me argue
just to see
how much you’re
in love with me “

I am learning.
To place my faith.
To lean my heart.
To rest my head.
In the knowledge that You are God.
You are the same. Yesterday. Today. Forever.
For no eye has seen. No ear has heard. No mind has conviced.
What God has prepared for those who love him.
That I was sown together. Created with a plan and purpose.
I will seek Him. And find Him.
And that finally, all things do work together from those who love the Lord.

Come hell or high water, my faith is rested in You and You alone.


Peace on Earth?

I used to think it was so easy. I’d figure it out…just give it some time.
..Peace on Earth

Was it too lofty a goal?It seems to me that everyone here is running in circles
Heads cut off
Hands in the air…
It seems to me that peace is a word without a definition. No one know WHAT exactly it means
Yet we greet eachother with it. In the streets and to strangers

What a potent word
That has lost its edge
Do I know what it means?
I know peace in the context of my God.
I know it as an unseen, calming force
I know it as a melody.
As a cradle.

But what does one do what their god has called them to war?
Or when religion is without faith or hope..When it is merely a routine, passed down through generations?
What does one do with millions of people, all in pursuit of what they BELIEVE to be true?

I quit.
Wait. Maybe I dont
I dont know anymore.

In every lecture, I raise my hand, poised as the fool
And ask the professor, in my most innocent tone
“What, then, do we do?”

And I tell you what. No one knows. If they did, they would be doing it.
So I came here to see about it. To see if I might be able to understand.
..To help

But its not as simple as I dreamed it to be.
It seems now, to me, impossible.
Impossible? A word I thought id never use.


These are words that have littered our paths for months. They are inescapable.
And now, they barely phase me.

Most days I look into the eyes of those around me.
Those who, like me, have come to the heart for the sweel
In hopes of changing the tide.
And while ambition surrounds us, I wonder if we are really capable

{We aren’t}
No matter how smart
How passionate
Or how charismatic was are… was arent strong enough for this.
Not on our own merit, at least.

So like a child, desperate, frightened and confused
I turn to the Father
And I ask…What now shall we do>

{He speaks}
You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.

It’s ok…I’m not supposed to have all the answers
But I must act, I cannot be still.

And so I ask again, What shall I do?
He responds with…simplicity and clarity
3 words. That is all

and never stop praying
and never stop loving
and never lose heart

Ill move mountains
Ill calm the sea
Ill speak things into being

that is all
that is all
For love, which conquers all, is the only force strong enough to pull us out.
And prayer, as quiet or as secret as it may be, holds power beyond knowledge.
And faith, the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, is the means by which we are able to carry on… it keeps us alive.

So hold on my children
Be strong my friends
We are in deep.
But everything is not lost.