There is beauty…

There is beauty in the challenges, the hard decisions, the life transitions. Seasons that feel like they swallow you whole and spit out your bones. In your choices that alter your thoughts, and the choices others make which alter your heart, there is beauty. When you’re overwhelmed because you don’t have all the pretty answers. During the times where no path feels right, where you fall flat on your face and the times where you don’t know what to do next. There is beauty.
These are the times that stretch us to become greater than we ever imagined ourselves to be. These are the times that cracked us wide opened and enabled us to rise to the next level. These are the times that make us. Make us see that the world isn’t black and white. These are the pivotal moments where it is up to us to stay stuck or dive in. To choose to wear your heart on your sleeve and gamble on someone, because if it works out… well, it would change your life. Choose to step out, to leap, to dive in. Perhaps this very instant is our time.

//// I think it’s time for a few canon balls, friends! Let’s dive together////

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  1. Melanie B December 18, 2011 at 11:14 pm #

    beautiful words Britt from a beautiful girl.

    M xx

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