Being married is the greatest gift that Ive been given. In all of my wildest dreams, I never imagined that I would be lucky enough to have this kind of love in my life. We both understand that we live a privileged life- living with a double income we always have (organic) food in our fridge, a warm bed, expensive uggs and a roof in a trendy neighbourhood. Lately I have found myself pulling back from social media, deleting/ unfollowing ‘friends’ who I dont know or see on a regular basis. It’s too much information to be flooded with, every minute of the day and I can help but sometimes compare myself to beautiful strangers, walking a different path than me. People comment on how wonderful our lives look through the fancy instagram filters- but let me tell you that behind every picture is a woman aching to become a mum, a friend who feels a little lonely at times and a wife who feels guilty for letting the housework slip or when she snaps at her husband after a full day of work.

I would never want people to compare or think that our life is a bed of roses. I have a husband who farts too much and he has a wife who nags a little too often. We ride the waves of life like everyone, making the most of everyday… xo

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    Also, I love the heck out of you.

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