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I got the privilege of meeting this bubba today! I donated eggs to her parents about 18months ago, and they got pregnant first try!!

One Saturday morning, I was looking for a treadmill in the paper and stumbled across an ad by her parents for a egg donor. Expecting it would be similar to a papsmear (it’s not by the way), we met and all got along really well and they picked me to be their donor. About three months of testing, injections and an two operations later AND after 10 years of trying, with multiple miscarriages, Teena was pregnant. (there was a lot of pressure on my eggs to preform!!)

Today, at the City Botanical Gardens, I met Kaila and her parents. It was special and so surreal. Many people close to me didnt feel that meeting her would be a good idea, but its the best one Ive had to date!!

She is happy, feisty, curious, head strong, funny and very much loved!! It’s truly the most important thing ive ever done! x

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