cereal for dinner?

It has been a year: We made it. It has been a good year for Team Withers. Some days we have skipped together, run, or walked; others have felt like an army crawl through mud and in the dark. Some days have been hard, but they have always been good. Here is a little of what I’ve learnt;

One year ago, I wrote a blog- wedding cake for breakfast– it was a raw look at what my first two weeks of marriage looked like. I had always heard people harp on that year one of marriage was the hardest, but never understood, until I was knee deep.

I see now, after 365 days, that what they meant is that year one is an ADJUSTMENT.

It’s someone sharing your closet, getting water all over the bathroom floor, and someone sitting on the toilet for 25 minutes when you’ve just woken up and need to pee. It’s the compromise between unhealthy snacks and ‘chick food’. It’s the disagreement over salad for dinner, whether Naturopaths are legit, and if the current government is going to destroy the country.  It’s the moments when you choose not to yell when they have forgotten the one thing you asked for, the time to choose love over your ego. 

Living with someone who loves you wholeheartedly is the best, and its unbelievably liberating.

A single friend of mine always comments that she is far too independent to be married and I giggle inside because, I have found, that a right relationship will spur the creativity within you and push you further than where you could have gone alone. I love my hubby, I love our home, our kitty, our business, and our plans for our future. I love our baby names and our travel plans.  I love that I speed home just to talk to him and he always drops whatever he is doing to fulfil that need.

My marriage has gone from the sugary high of wedding cake for breakfast, to the wholesome nutrients of cereal for dinner, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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