2 weeks tomorrow. on september 7. ill make the best decision of my life. ill married my love. in exactly two weeks. ill married a man who takes care of me. supports me. loves me. and makes me belly laugh every day. ill married a man that makes all the sometimes monotonous every day life. FUN. ill married a man who makes all of this worth it. ill married my best friend. my lover. my boyfriend. and the best man i have ever met. ill married a man who i know. without a doubt. will be there through thick and thin. a man i’m never bored with. a man that challenges me to be a better person. and who i can’t wait to see every day after work. i’m happy. to just sit next to him on the couch. any day of the week. here’s to an amazing life together babe. year after year. together. britt xo

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