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The difference between Men and Women

…The Scenario  – Going to have coffee down at Bulimba. 

Britt- Has a shower, does hair and makeup (well, tinted moisturiser), gets dressed and brushes teeth. All ready to go.

Josh- Still in underwear, stills down and twitters on his phone. Checks something for afternoon wedding. Checks something on computer. Goes to the toilet. 




Josh and I drove to Bangalow, NSW today. He had a wedding and I went along with the promise of a lunch date beforehand.

The one thing about marriage that has really surprised me is that, I live, sleep and eat with him… and still I crave more time. A long conversation is too short and a coffee date before work is almost a daily event. It’s nice.

(Unless I’m due for my period, hungry, tired…. or, heaven forbid, all three)