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Wedding Fun

Things I’ve Learnt Recently

  1. Don’t date someone that you cant imagine marrying
  2. Marry someone who sends you flowers at work
  3. Being deeply loved by someone gives you great strength.
  4. Deeply loving someone gives you great courage
  5. I have a man who says ‘I wish you would let me rub your feet’
  6. When you truly love someone, you love them to the core. Good and bad.
  7. A gift that comes with strings is no gift at all
  8. An ugly personality ruins a pretty face. You have a very pretty face, always have a pretty heart
  9. I am sad that Heidi and Seal are getting divorced. More than I let on.
  10. What comes from your mouth, develops your future.
  11. And lastly, embracing a life of uncertainty is far better than worrying about it.


It’s perfectly ok….

to want a particular photographer/dress/flower/brand of hairspray/type of butter for your wedding.
to really enjoy crying at the movies, as in, sobbing!
to spend $80 on a bra and buy your jewelery from Diva
to shout “am not!’ when he claims you’re hormonal
to begin thinking about lunch at 10:34am
to look up, realise you’re both on your phones while sitting in a restaurant and totally feel like one of those couples
to have a total girl crush on Drew Barrymore. (she is going to play me in the movie)
to only workout on the mornings when you have to wash your hair anyway
to make your own way in the world, there’s only one life to be lived after all.