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10 things I learnt this week

  1. Sweet banana muffins are yummy.
  2. I think I am forming an addiction to Lean Cuisine
  3. Lady morning teas are the best, especially when they are with old friends.
  4. I am very happy and content in my relationship.
  5. I have cried watching Oprah 5 days in a row.
  6. The people that love you when you need it, they are your family.
  7. Boiled eggs are not a quick breakfast option.
  8. The Blind Side is a brilliant, sweet film with an important message.
  9. Cleaning out your wardrobe is good for the soul.
  10. It’s important to practise random act of kindness.

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who are alive.” – Howard Thurman

Amazing Dresses!

BEST: Anne Hathaway (left) in a stunning Valentino gown and Bulgari diamonds (such a princess gown). Rachel Weisz (right) in an Oscar de la Renta dress with Fred Leighton jewels (gorgeous lady, gorgeous pink dress). And Jlo? She needs no words!!

And two not-so-amazing dresses!

WORST: Leighton Meester (left) in a ill fitting Marc Jacobs dress (why, Leighton, why?). Kristen Stewart (right) in a black Chanel dress with her trademark unimpressed look (not pretty)

Hello Boots, welcome to your new home! I will love you and wear you and if you’re good, take you on an all expenses paid trip to Europe!!

Do you like my new boots? I won them on eBay and picked them up this morning. I have been debating buying $400 Nine West boots for about a week now, and really couldn’t bring myself to spend that much! Plus, I have always has this fascination with the old and ‘preloved’… I like that there is a story to it… (and its usually doesn’t cost you $400 to hear that story)

This week is going to be a good one! I have a morning tea planned (cupcakes mandatory), a movie night with Jess, a scrap night …. I must must must finish my America book and bind it already, a Brisbane vintage shopping day and a Barbie and Ken 21st birthday party!
Life is good and sweet! It really is what we choose to make it, so choose wisely!!!

10 things I learnt this week

1. It’s important to listen to your body. Eat when you’re hungry. Sleep when you’re tired.

2. Never grocery shop on a full stomach. You come home with 3 apples, cotton buds and a pasta sauce.

3. It’s ok to feel a tad bit jealous when your friend gets engaged, pregnant or that fabulous job. Whats important is that you feel it, deal with it and don’t let your friend know.

4. Ones of life most important lessons is to learn how to say “Thankyou“, “Congratulations” and “I’m sorry”…. and really mean it.

5. Fruit cut up by someone else is always more yummy.

6. I think chipped nail polish looks tacky.

7. Heavy heavy eye makeup looks incredible on very few people.

8. If your friends or family make you feel anything less than happy, supported and special; they are not proper friends or family.

9. It’s better to be good at one thing than mediocre at ten things.

10. Find someone you’re passionate about and be with that person forever