Archive | April, 2010

I am now the proud owner of these 2 pairs of uh-mazing shoes.

I can’t believe that it’s already April… where has this year gone?? This year so far has been so beautiful, I am almost waiting for the other shoe to drop and it to all fall apart…(but that’s the pessimistic Britt coming out)

On another note, the boyf and I have been invited to a Barbie and Ken theme party. I personally don’t think that any woman over the dress size of 8 wants to dress up and parade herself around this unrealistic perception of what a real woman should look like…Nevertheless, I have decided to think outside the box… and then it hit me….Vintage Barbie….all of a sudden, I am excited about this party (if for nothing more than seeing the Boyf with a comb over)

I welcome your ideas and pictures.

Happy Thursday. xo