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10 things I learnt this week.

1. Purple seems to be my colour again.
2. The feeling of sand and beach on my feet makes me happy.
3. A mini-spring-clean can transform your mindset.
4. Sometimes practical gifts, like jewelery and perfume, are the best gifts.
5. Life is fragile.
6. Tis’ the season to go into a food induced coma.
7. 1 Mother, 1 big fat idea and google are never a good mix. ever.
8. My best friend is having a baby.
9. I want to learn how to make sushi.
10 Life is full of some many beautiful little moments- And if you stop constantly focusing on the future and rather savouring the ‘right now’ you would have a whole lot more of them.

10 Things I Learnt This Week.

1. Home is the place or person that you want to return to over and over.

2. Having a boyfriend is fun, but having a great boyfriend makes life sweet.

3. I heart vintage rock tshirts.

4. I never want to get old in the head… once that happens, its all downhill.

5. I miss New York.

6. I hate moving, but I do like organising.

7. Girlfriends are essential for a long, healthy happy life.

8. ‘The Big Bang Theory’ is the funniest TV show. Becoming quite fond of nerds!

9. Turning off all your lights in favour of candles is something everyone should do often.

10. We are all as happy as we choose to be.



Mum: Hi

Phone rings- it’s husband (dad)

Mum: Why are you calling me

Dad: Cause you texted me

Mum: I know! You are supposed to text back, not call!

Dad: Can I help it that I prefer to hear your voice, rather than text you?

Mum: Yea, you need to get over that. I prefer texting AND Im watching Oprah!

Dad: But, you texted me.

Mum: I know, I am a grest multitasker, however, I cant talk to you on the phone and watch TV!

Dad: You are ridiculous!!

Mum: So.

How am I so normal?


Hey, its ok

…to shove it in your closet and consider your place cleaned.

….to take every single personal day, holiday and sick day that you are entitled to.

….to discover all your new music courtesy of “The Hills”

…to secretly hope that your exes consider you the one that got away….

….to find the word “panties” totally creepy.

…to consider riding a swing a form of cardio

…to correct people who mispronounce your name.

…to push your sunglasses up on your head and consider it a hairstyle

…to act all “candid” when someone pulls out a camera.

…to think the fireworks were a wee bit excessive. Ooh, ahh, how many small countries could that have fed?

…to ask for chicken on your vegie burger

…to not change out of your pajamas

…and its ok to be ok with the things that are ok. Life is what it is and its too short to not be the real you.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, although given that it is only 11:29pm on Wednesday night, I am a tad early. I like the concept of thanksgiving, maybe even more than Christmas. I think it is important to take a step back sometimes and realise just what you have and be thankful for it.
I am thankful for-

1. My family.
2. My friends.
3. My vintage Chanel bag
4. Suitcases on wheels
5. That I have found someone 15cm taller than me, allowing me the option of heels
6. Mixed CD’s
7. My passport
8. Shelly
9. Rice pudding
10. Diet coke with lime
11. Card games.
12. 2 arms, 2 legs, 10 fingers and 10 toes
13. Skype
14. The post office
15. That I am slowly learning not to stress the small stuff.
16. That the sun will still rise tomorrow
17. That life is what you make of it.
18. Morning emails.
19. My Revlon eyebrow pencil
20. Black&white photographs.
21. That I am the only person who has the ability to be me and do it well.

The list could go on and on…

What are you thankful for?



L Train.

Confused tourist: Excuse me, I want to take the red line.
Confused New Yorker: You needed to get off at the last stop.
Confused tourist: No, I got on at last stop. Want to take the red train.
Confused New Yorker: Yes, you needed to get off at the last stop.
Confused tourist: But I’m not going to that stop.
Confused New Yorker: No, you aren’t.
Confused tourist: How do I get on red line?
Confused New Yorker: Help me!

–L Train