10 things I learnt this week.

1. Nice heels make my legs look better, but cute flats will always have my heart.
2. Sometimes writing can be a frustrating process.
3. Sometimes men who appear all tuff and strong are just soft and insecure as the rest of us.
4. Some people will stand in insanely long lines, for hours, to buy cute clothes on sale. I cant, I just dont have it in me.
5. It’s totally ok to spend the whole day in bed.
6. I need to realise that some people dont open themselves up as easily as some.
7. I am scared to fall in love again. Well not the love, but the heart ache.
8. Doing excersises at home can be just as good as going to the gym. Who knew!?
9. I crave real, deep, authentic relationships. They are hard to come by!
10. I am often capable of way more than I give myself credit for.
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